Get fired up to speak up on March 7th. 

DEQ told a concerned citizen recently, “Don’t call the Governor!”  We think that’s preposterous! So here’s Governor Kate Brown’s office number:  503-378-4582, press 3 to leave a comment. 

In deep denial for over a decade, DEQ continues to mislead the public about the toxic emissions they allow oil refineries APES and ORRCO to emit directly into the air shed. 

What can YOU do? Be prepared. Get fired up. Speak Up during the DEQ public hearing March 7, 2017, 6 pm, Oxford Suites, Hayden Island. 

Here’s the video playlist of my 10 short videos created to provide you background:
Don’t accept DEQ excuses anymore. Demand they protect us and stop fogging the issues.  Demand they use REAL data to write air contamination permits, NOT the old-fashioned, unsubstantiated, fuzzy math provided by the oil refiners themselves. Demand they do their job. 

And then….stay tuned for chilling new information about this disturbing DEQ cover up.


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