First things first: the Facts

Need a diversion? Grab some popcorn and view these 3 minute educational videos explaining the facts and facets of Oregon’s oil re-refineries. It doesn’t take a petroleum engineer to know that it is not in the best interest of Oregon to allow these oil re-refineries to continue to run rogue.

  • Episode 1-Intro

  • Episode 2-A Decade of deception

  • Episode 3-PAHs that should give you pause¬†

  • Episode 4-Stack testing? Yes please

  • Episode 5-Let’s call it what it is

  • Episode 6-coming soon.

In an upcoming video, I’ll address the illegal tank of PCBs onsite. It’s a shell game that APES/ Clear Lube and ORRCO are playing. They point fingers at each other, but anyone who touched it is responsible according to federal regs. In the meantime, the vulnerable tank of PCBs sits openly at the plant near the Columbia River, not behind any containment berms that tank farms are supposed to have. In case of flooding, puncture, ground settling, natural disaster, the upcoming earthquake*, or even terrorism, the tank farm is vulnerable. (*As was mentioned in other public testimony at EQC meeting yesterday)
This is a huge risk to the public, the environment, the DEQ and EQC.